Since quite sometime now, I have developed a new love for Salads. No, not the mundane ones like the one below

Cucumber Tomato Salad

These are quite boring, and make you feel like you are forcing/punishing yourself on a so-called-healthy diet. In fact, I never felt full eating just these and thus, I mostly ate Indian vegetarian in office. Although, I craved for vegetarian/vegan food in other cuisines but most of my experiments led to horrible (got chicken instead of tofu at a famous Thai place) or tasteless disasters. However, restaurants in Central Business District (popularly knows as CBD) area in Singapore gave me a whole new penchant for salads. The best part about salads – you get Asian, European, Mexican, and probably 100 more varieties. Super filling, super tasty and you can get them vegetarian or vegan, as you like! I am going to share photos of some of the best salads I have had, and an easy recipe for you to try at home.

I hope the photos above, gave you a look at how colorful, and wholesome salads could be. You, ofcourse, have to have one of these (or many others) to know how tasty and filling these are. One of the best part, I am now not just limited to Indian vegetarian and that does not restricts my dining options in Singapore and in many other countries.

I am now going to share with you a simple recipe which is very flexible and very tasty. It probably requires 15-20 minutes of prep time and you can easily have it then and there, or on the go! So what are we waiting for? Let’s dive in..

Tofu Spinach Capsicum Salad

Salad Ingredients

  • 100 gram tofu/paneer
  • 1 small capsicum
  • Sprouts (green and/or black bean)
  • Spinach
  • Seasonings (as per taste)
  • Brown rice (optional)

I usually keep sprouts in my fridge – to toss into my salads or as a quick breakfast or sometimes to pressure cook into a curry based or dry dish to be eaten with chapati. If you want to have some base for the salad, you can have some brown rice in this recipe (which is completely optional). So, I put some brown rice and sprouts in my salad bowl and spread a good layer of washed spinach.

Subsequently, in a pan, I tossed some tofu and spinach and sautéed with some oregano, black pepper (you can choose any seasonings you like and the one that is readily available with you).

Sautéed Tofu and Capsicum

Once the tofu and capsicum are done, simply toss them in the sprout-spinach bowl and spread dollops of whatever dressing you have or prefer. I like thousand island and honey mustard. This is how the final version looks like:

My Salad Bowl

It’s simply amazing! I urge you to try it and also be creative in ingredients. You can substitute or add whatever you like. Just to give you an idea, you can add cucumber, green onions, beet root (for an epic color and taste), boiled and salted chickpeas, etc, etc!

This is my first post in Out of Office series. I will soon start writing about my travel journeys and my food encounters during travel. Besides, I have written other posts related to software engineering and data science as well. You might want to check them out here. You can also subscribe to my blog to receive updates straight in your inbox.

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