Hi! I am Shubhanshu Gupta


I am a data-driven product manager with 7+ years of experience building consumer products. I have experience founding a B2C/C2C start-up and working as a software engineer in early-stage startups, where I built products from scratch & honed a customer centric entrepreneurial mindset.

With a solid technical background in data science, including a patent for a machine learning tool, I have accrued the skills of prioritizing customer needs and the ability to communicate complex technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders.

Currently, as a Product Manager, I am building digital capabilities for Citibank mobile app to drive revenue & new users. Adept at shipping 0-to-1 products which meet customer needs, business objectives, in line with market trends. 

My professional interests include product management, data science, design thinking, and startups. Prior to joining Citi, I have worked as a Data Scientist in ad-tech and banking domain in Singapore. 

I pursued my Masters in Business Analytics with specialization in Consumer and Big Data Analytics from National University of Singapore (NUS). I earned a B.Tech degree in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of ICT

In my data science experience, I generated audience insights and optimized campaigns for FMCG and Hospitality clients. Improved engagement by 30% and reduced media cost by 21% using data-driven techniques. Skilled in using Machine Learning, NLP, and A/B testing to drive audience targeting and campaign performance. Demonstrated expertise in using data science to drive customer engagement and business impact.

In my software engineering experience, I handled various engineering roles and projects including product backend, devOps, and analytics. Agile methodology, clear communication with stakeholders, and continuous development in short sprints, are some of the values I accrued while working with small and dynamic teams in growth startups.

I also founded a B2C/C2C hyperlocal marketplace startup. Scaled up the business to 1000 paid MAUs spanning around 35 locations in less than six months. Received seed funding from iCreate and incubation in India. Built a 15 member team for product and business development. 

I have two publications in peer-reviewed conferences. I presented my first publication, “Music Data Analysis: A State-of-the-art Survey”, at the ASE BigData Conference at Harvard University. The second peer-reviewed publication, “Social Data Analysis: A Study on Friends Rating Influence”, got selected in WWC Connect 2017 Conference, VMWare India. Most recently, I filed a Patent in US & Singapore, for a Machine Learning tool that I built as a lead inventor, when I was leading the AI/ML Center of Excellence at Citibank. 

I constantly wish and strive to contribute actively in the community. Some of the organizations in which I am contributing by teaching or volunteering are Code in the Community run by Saturday Kids in collaboration with Google, and PyData – Singapore. I also mentor students and early age professionals by providing guidance related to career progression, university applications, life & career in Singapore, etc. You can read why I am doing this, and of-course, feel free to book a time slot here: Book an appointment with Shubhanshu Gupta using SetMore

The details about my experience in research, teaching, work, other professional and community contribution can be found in my resume.

Brands where Shubhanshu Gupta has studied and worked.