Since quite sometime now, I have developed a new love for Salads. No, not the mundane ones like the one below

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Cucumber Tomato Salad

These are quite boring, and make you feel like you are forcing/punishing yourself on a so-called-healthy diet. In fact, I never felt full eating just these and thus, I mostly ate Indian vegetarian in office. Although, I craved for vegetarian/vegan food in other cuisines but most of my experiments led to horrible (got chicken instead of tofu at a famous Thai place) or tasteless disasters. However, restaurants in Central Business District (popularly knows as CBD) area in Singapore gave me a whole new penchant for salads. The best part about salads – you get Asian, European, Mexican, and probably 100 more varieties. Super filling, super tasty and you can get them vegetarian or vegan, as you like! I am going to share photos of some of the best salads I have had, and an easy recipe for you to try at home.

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