Machine Learning Roadmap: An Effective Guidebook for Learning Machine Learning

Sometime back, I wrote about why I have started mentoring and the scope of fields in which I am interested in mentoring. Not long ago, I broadened my horizon further to include Machine Learning in the scope. Hence, I have prepared a Machine Learning Roadmap which is quite hands-on, will nudge you to pursue your curiosity and, is supposedly less boring and more intriguing – which reduces the overall probability of dropping off in comparison to video lecture courses out there. The roadmap is designed for you to learn Machine Learning in a step-wise manner. It would equip you to learn and gain hands-on experience in streams like data cleaning, data visualization, exploratory data analysis, data modeling, etc.

In the blog, I will give you a walkthrough of the Machine Learning Roadmap, how to download it and would encourage you to write or talk to me if you need help. In the end, you can give me a feedback on how did the Machine Learning Roadmap helped you, and how can it be further improved!

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